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Calling all nature lovers with delicate ears! These one-of-a-kind earrings showcase a tiny slice of adventure - a polished armadillo caudal bone (tail segment), naturally sculpted and smooth as a spaceship. Sandwiched between cool, green aventurine gemstones, these minis radiate a playful spirit, perfect for those who love understated elegance.


Ethically sourced from North Port roads, each armadillo bone tells a unique story, with distinctive markings that set your earrings apart. Aventurine, known for its empowering properties, adds a touch of luck and zest to your look. Lightweight and measuring just 1.5 inches with silver-plated findings, these earrings are perfect for everyday wear.


Embrace the beauty of nature's resilience and Bone Boutique's quirky charm. Shop these unique finds before they zoom away! ($18)

Armadillo Caudal Bone Earrings with Aventurine (Tail)

SKU: 10257
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  • When not in use, keep item in its original packaging. Made from natural animal bones which tend to patina with time. 

    To clean: For light cleaning of make up or dirt, use square nail buffer of fine grit. For heavily soiled bones, wash with dishwashing soap and a toothbrush. Let sit out in the sun to dry.

    Contact me for more information.

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