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Embrace the Earth's Defender: Armadillo Femur Bracelet with Blue Cord.


This remarkable bracelet channels the spirit of the earth's defender, the armadillo, crafted from a responsibly sourced femur bone and adorned with a mesmerizing woven blue cord. Unlike its smooth ulna counterparts, the femur boasts a sculpted, textured surface, telling a story of strength and resilience etched by nature itself.


The vibrant blue cord, expertly woven through the drilled holes, adds a touch of whimsy and evokes the armadillo's natural habitat, from vibrant meadows to cerulean skies. Adjustable from 7.5 to 9 inches, this bracelet sits comfortably on your wrist, a constant reminder of the power and beauty found in nature's armor.


More than just an accessory, this piece whispers the armadillo's tale of unyielding protection. Each intricate curve and ridge of the bone speaks of unwavering defense, urging the wearer to tap into their own inner protector.


Embrace the Earth's Embrace:

  • Responsibly Sourced: Ethically obtained by Bone Boutique, ensuring respect for this remarkable creature.
  • Unique & Enduring: No two femur bones are alike, making each bracelet a one-of-a-kind treasure.
  • Earthy Elegance: The natural bone texture and blue cord offer a rustic yet sophisticated aesthetic.
  • Adjustable Comfort: Securely woven cord and adaptable fit provide a comfortable experience for diverse wrists.


Wear this bracelet as a talisman of earthly protection, unwavering resilience, and the vibrant beauty found in nature's embrace. It's a conversation starter, a meaningful companion, and a powerful symbol of your own inner defender.

Armadillo Femur Bracelet Blue Cord

SKU: 10243
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  • When not in use, keep item in its original packaging. Made from natural animal bones which tend to patina with time. 

    To clean: For light cleaning of make up or dirt, use square nail buffer of fine grit. For heavily soiled bones, wash with dishwashing soap and a toothbrush. Let sit out in the sun to dry.

    Contact me for more information.

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