Catfish, either channel cat or bullhead cat are good eatin. When we harvest them for food we hold on to the entire animal and that includes the bones. Fish bones are tough to curate and whiten, but they are worth the wait. I love to make Bone Blossoms with them and sometimes you can make jewelry out of the more robust pieces. I was surprised to find this mandible to be sturdy enough for a necklace, but it sure is. Fish bones are delicate and ornate. This lightweight and minimal appeal gives this adjustable 18" to 20" necklace is perfect for any occasion. 



Catfish Mandible Necklace Gold Color

SKU: 140110
  • Great care has been taken to assure that all of our products are humanely harvested and sanitized. Please keep in mind that all items are one of a kind and we are limited to what is provided to us by nature. 

    When not in use, keep item in its original packaging. Made from natural animal bones which tend to discolor with time. 

    To clean: Wash with Dawn and let sit out in the sun. 

    Thank you

  • Refunds will only be given should item arrive damaged due to poor packaging and handling. Please contact us at should you have any questions or concerns.

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