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Embrace the Enduring Wonder of Nature: Flemish Rabbit Skeletal Articulation.


Honor the delicate beauty of nature with this captivating Flemish Rabbit Skeletal Articulation.


Ethically Sourced & Sustainable Wonder:

  • Crafted from the bones of a donated Flemish rabbit, responsibly processed by Bone Boutique, this articulation offers a unique glimpse into the intricate anatomy of this fascinating creature.


A Masterpiece of Sustainable Art:

  • Each bone is meticulously articulated and preserved, showcasing the rabbit's skeletal structure in stunning detail.
  • The articulation rests upon a custom engraved wood base (16" x 11"), crafted by Halligan Design Production, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.


More than just a conversation starter, this piece is a reminder of:

  • The enduring beauty of nature: Highlighting the intricate details of the rabbit's skeletal system.
  • The importance of responsible practices: Acknowledging the ethical sourcing and processing of the rabbit.
  • The wonder of the natural world: Encouraging appreciation for the complexity of animal anatomy.


Embrace a connection to nature's intricate design. 


$250 for local delivery within 30 miles radius or pick-up. Contact us via email, chat, call or text. Contact page in the footer. 

Flemish Rabbit Skeleton on Custom Engraved Base

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