The Florida gar (Lepisosteus platyrhincus) is a species of gar found in the US from the Savannah River and Ochlockonee River watersheds of Georgia and throughout peninsular Florida. Florida gar can reach a length over 3 ft (91 cm).


Many will tell you the gar is a trash fish but that is a product of grocery stores. Before stores had ice and fish markets gar was an esteem local fish for dinner. Only with refrigeration and the modern fish market with species caught thousands of miles away did the gar lose its prime place.


About that armor plating, called ganoid scales, which are enamel-covered bone and not overlapping. Native Americans used the scales as arrow heads.  They also used the scaled skin to make protective breast plates. Even European colonists used the skin of the gar. They put it on the cutting edge of their crude plows to protect the blade.


Multiple layers of garfish scales overlap to create a subtle flower blossom. Each scale has been meticulously placed to create this beautiful flower. 


Matching earrings and necklaces are also available while supplies last.


Set on surgical steel stud findings. Flowers Measures 1 1/8".

Florida Spotted Garfish Scale Flower Earrings

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  • Great care has been taken to assure that all of our products are humanely harvested and sanitized. Please keep in mind that all items are one of a kind and we are limited to what is provided to us by nature. 

    When not in use, keep item in its original packaging. Made from natural animal bones which tend to discolor with time. 

    To clean: Wash with Dawn and let sit out in the sun. 

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