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A New Life for a Beloved Friend: The Venice Farm Goat Skeleton Articulation


This captivating goat skeleton articulation isn't just a display of bones; it's a story of transformation and a tribute to a cherished animal. Donated by a local Venice, Florida farm in 2021, this goat sadly passed away from unknown causes. Here at Bone Boutique, we were honored to be entrusted with giving this special creature a second life as a stunning piece of art.


Rearticulated with Respect and Skill:

Our artist, Phillip Moore, meticulously rearticulated the goat's skeleton, ensuring each bone is positioned with anatomical accuracy and respect for the animal's form. The articulation rests upon a custom-crafted Eastern Cedar base by Halligan Design Production, adding a touch of elegance and natural beauty.


More Than Just Bones:

This goat skeleton articulation is a testament to the enduring beauty that lies beneath the surface. It's a reminder that:

  • Beauty Lies Within: Just like this goat's skeletal structure, we all possess an inner strength and complexity waiting to be discovered.
  • Honoring Life's Journey: This piece celebrates the life of this goat and ensures its legacy lives on.
  • Transformation & Sustainability: By transforming what might have been discarded, this articulation embodies sustainable practices and the power of artistic renewal.


Owning a Piece of Nature's Art:

This goat skeleton articulation is a captivating conversation starter, perfect for nature enthusiasts, art collectors, or anyone who appreciates the intricate beauty of the natural world.


Bring a Touch of Nature's Wonder Home:

  • Price: $400 (a remarkable value for such a unique piece)
  • Shipping: Free local delivery within 30 miles or pick-up. $100 shipping fee applies for online orders.
  • For inquiries about a no-shipping invoice: Contact us directly.


Embrace the enduring wonder of nature and welcome this special goat skeleton articulation into your home.

Goat Skeleton on Custom Engraved Base

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