Spotted Garfish Scales are so versatile. Once used as arrowheads by the Native Americans, we find fossilized scales here in the creeks and tributaries in Southwest Florida often. The scales we use are from fish we harvested for food and the raccoon skull was environmentally reclaimed. The injury has been covered with layers of scales. The right side of the skull also has an injury. I have also used the nostrils of the fish to adorn the nasal passages of the skull. This is fine detail work to achieve a perfect layered effect. Certainly a conversation piece for your home.  The sculpture measures 4 1/2"L x  2 1/2"W x 3"H. Shuffle through the photos for a better idea. Contact me for more information.

Raccoon Skull Layered with Spotted Garfish Scales

SKU: 11047
  • Made from natural animal bones which tend to discolor with time.  Bones will patina due the manner in which displayed and handling. 

    Keep in mind that all items are one of a kind and we are limited to what is provided to us by nature. Environmental Reclamation. 



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