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Calling all rebels and nature lovers! Get ready to add a touch of edgy elegance to your outfit with these captivating Porcupine Quill Earrings.


Inspired by the Punk Era:

  • Embrace the spirit of rebellion with these statement earrings, featuring real porcupine quills – a bold and unconventional choice.
  • Each quill is meticulously chosen for its natural beauty and straight, linear form, creating a minimalist yet impactful design.


Nature's Punk Rock:

  • Bone Boutique is all about celebrating the unexpected beauty of nature. These earrings showcase the unique texture and striking black tips of the porcupine quills, a true conversation starter.


A Word to the Wise (and Fashionable):

  • Just like a true punk rocker, these quills aren't afraid to make a statement. Please handle with care as they are natural and un-trimmed. Consider them a part of the edgy allure!


Uniquely You & Sustainably Sourced:

  • No two quills are exactly alike, ensuring your earrings are a one-of-a-kind treasure.
  • These quills were ethically gifted to us, making them a sustainable and cruelty-free way to rock bold style.

Rock Out with Nature: The Porcupine Quill Earrings with Punk Edge

SKU: 160249
Impuesto excluido |
  • When not in use, keep item in its original packaging. Made from natural animal bones which tend to patina with time. 

    To clean: For light cleaning of make up or dirt, use square nail buffer of fine grit. For heavily soiled bones, wash with dishwashing soap and a toothbrush. Let sit out in the sun to dry.

    Contact me for more information.

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