The Florida softshell turtle is a large turtle with a flattened, pancake-like body, a long neck, an elongated head with a long snorkel-like nose, and large webbed feet, each with three claws. While most turtles have hard shellscomposed of Scutes, the Florida softshell has a cartilaginous carapace covered in leathery skin.


Humerus - Latin for upper arm.


The humerus is usually a faily round, shaft-like long bone with a large rounded artical head emerging from one side of the proximal end. This distal end has a single large rounded pulley-shaped trochlea with a pinched-in area just above the pulley on both sides.


In a turtle the cheloniid humerus is distinctive in its form with a slightly offset head and enlarged medial process. Almost opposite the medial process and just distal to the head is a U-shaped lateral process (deltoid crest) to which attaches the major ventral swimming muscles.


Measures 3" total.


Softshell Turtle Humerus with Black Bead

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