Tarsals - Latin for ankle.


The tarsals are the bones (usually seven) that make up the ankle. We have used the calcaneus, which is the heel bone. 


Thoracic - comes from the Greek word thorax (breast plate).


Thoracic vertebrae are indentifiable by the presence of rib facets. Other than that, they can be highly variable in size and shape, even on one animal. Mammals usually have 12 to 16 thoracic vertebrae, one for each pair of ribs. 


Atlas- The first cervical vertebra (C-1). The name atlas originally applied to the 7th cervical vertebra because it was the bone that held up the neck and head. Now, the name refers to the first cervical vertebra as the bone that holds up the skull. Atlas was the Titan from Greek mythology who was sentenced by Zeus to hold up the world. 


These earrings measure 1" total including the finding. 

Squirrel Calcaneus, Thoracic Vert & Atlas Vert Earrings w/ Seed of Life Pendant

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  • Great care has been taken to assure that all of our products are humanely harvested and sanitized. Please keep in mind that all items are one of a kind and we are limited to what is provided to us by nature. 

    When not in use, keep item in its original packaging. Made from natural animal bones which tend to discolor with time. 

    To clean: Wash with Dawn and let sit out in the sun. 

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