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Edgy Romance with a Sustainable Twist


Embrace your wild side and declare your love in an unforgettable way with this unique Valentine's Day set, crafted with upcycled materials and ethically sourced Florida Burmese python vertebrae. This isn't your average love token - it's a bold statement piece that reflects your individuality and commitment to sustainability.



  • Necklace:
    • 26 inches in length, perfect for layering or wearing solo.
    • Asymmetrical design with upcycled elements for a one-of-a-kind look.
    • Red glass bead accents add a touch of romantic flair.
    • Secure heart-shaped carabiner clasp with a screw mechanism.
  • Earrings:
    • Asymmetrical design mirroring the necklace, for a cohesive look.
    • One side features a stack of vertebrae for a bold statement.
    • The other side showcases a single large vertebra, adding a touch of elegance.
    • 925 Sterling Fish hook findings.

Valentine's Day "Love You to the Bone" Necklace & Earring Set Burmese Python

SKU: 80138
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  • When not in use, keep item in its original packaging. Made from natural animal bones which tend to patina with time. 

    To clean: For light cleaning of make up or dirt, use square nail buffer of fine grit. For heavily soiled bones, wash with dishwashing soap and a toothbrush. Let sit out in the sun to dry.

    Contact me for more information.

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