Wild boars are an invasive species in the Americas and cause problems including out-competing native species for food, destroying the nests of ground-nesting species, killing fawns and young domestic livestock, destroying agricultural crops, eating tree seeds and seedlings, destroying native vegetation and wetlands through wallowing, damaging water quality and coming into violent conflict with humans and pets.


Humans have been hunting boar for millennia, the earliest artistic depictions of such activities dating back to the Upper Paleolithic. The animal was seen as a source of food among the Ancient Greeks, as well as a sporting challenge and source of epic narratives.


Thoracic - comes from the Greek word thorax (breast plate).


Thoracic vertebrae are indentifiable by the presence of rib facets. Other than that, they can be highly variable in size and shape, even on one animal. Mammals usually have 12 to 16 thoracic vertebrae, one for each pair of ribs


Wild Boar Thoracic Vertebrae measures 4 3/4". Necklace  24". Antique brass Color. 










Wild Boar Thoracic Vertebrae Necklace

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