October 8th 7pm-9pm

Painting with a Twist on Saturday, Oct. 08 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm . 18700 Veterans Blvd, Suite #8 Port Charlotte, FL 33954


Come and have a great time painting the Fort Fisher Mermaid and buy some bones. Just in time for Halloween and the Holidays. You never know where we may pop up next.

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Trunk Shows

Call us to have your very own show! Get your friends together and I will come visit with our entire inventory!



Our Florida Burmese Python Bone Collection has joined the Florida Python Leather Collection on beautiful Venice Island in Florida.  These collections are made up of Burmese Python hand caught in the Florida Everglades.  Orchid Envy is locate at 339 Venice Avenue West. For more information, call 941-485-1122

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The Artist.


Born in New York in 1972, and brought to Miami10 months later, I drew inspiration and education from my mother, Alma.

My mother was a home economics teacher, always sewing, cooking, and crafting. I made sure to pay attention, and together we produced high quality beaded jewelry and many other crafty gems. I loved the outdoors and fishing and moved to North Port Florida in 2005. My mother soon followed and we continued with the side gig. Sadly, during the 2008 economic crisis, selling jewelry fell below buying food and and paying for shelter. I packed up my beads and called it a day.

 My then boyfriend and now husband, loves the outdoors and hiking also.  I vowed to follow him anywhere. Love that guy! While on a local hike in North Port, I spotted a rabbit skull on the ground. The skull was laying in a manner that I could see all of the small ornate nasal passages inside. This perfect pattern was made in nature, and I was fascinated and hooked on bones from that day forward. I did as much research as I could about sourcing bones, cleaning and preserving them. I also researched Florida laws and started collecting. I even had a subscription which delivered a skull a month for 2 years. This really jump started my personal collection. 

 During this research period, I stumbled across bone jewelry and because the bones were free for me, I started making jewelry again. This time incorporating the BONES! I loved what I saw available our there, but knew that I could make it different somehow. I like my bones brilliantly white. Pure and unadulterated. I also like a "Run Way" appeal to my designs. I began making Christmas presents in my garage with a trays and some dish soap. My mother passed away in 2017 and  the bones really helped me with my grief journey. They gave me something to do and a place to put my love. 


What started off as Christmas gifts, turned into "GET TO WORK! I PUT YOU IN A CRAFT SHOW". My mother in law, Linda, put me in a craft show and it has been a beautiful journey. Thank you Linda. Since then...Phillip and I quit smoking over a year ago. Started taking soft pastel classes and art has help my Veteran husband with his PTSD. I am proud and humbled to have won several awards for my work and have been featured in the local newspapers and magazines. Now we are even sharing our artwork right here on this website also. Visit the Images of Therapy page. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about the reason for the bones. Each one is lovingly curated and shared with love from me to you. Transcend the ordinary with Bone Boutique. xo



  • April 2019 2nd Place 3D, Mini Magic Theme "Draco Minimaforma" North Port Art Center 

  • May 2019 3rd Place 3D, Garden Squares Theme "Bone Blossoms" North Port Art Center

  • September 2019 1st Place 3D, Parks & Recreation Theme "Easily Amused" North Port Art Center

  • February 2020 3rd Place 3D, Coastal Inspirations Theme "FantaSea" North Port Art Center

  • June 2021 1st Place 2D, Get Inspired by Second Chances theme "Milky Way" in acrylic. North Port Art Center

  • June 2022 1st Place 2D Garden Party Theme Fresh From The Garden, Pastel. North Port Art Center.


  • January 8th, 2020 "Something a little different" Sun Newspaper GO!

  • September/October 2020 Gasparilla Island Magazine "Flesh & Bone" 

  • October 2020 Harbor Style Magazine/Venice Style Magazine

  • Wellen Park Journal Fall 2021 


1st place 

Michele Moore took 1st Place in June 2021 for the themed show of "Get Inspired by Second Chances" at the North Port Art Center. Michele and her husband Phillip are both members of the NPAC and take classes and workshops. Both enjoy soft pastels as their preferred medium. 

If you would like to learn more about the North Port Art Center, click link below.