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Embrace the Symphony of Nature: Three-Piece Pelvis Bone Display

Unveil the intricate architecture of nature with this captivating Three-Piece Pelvis Bone Display.

Ethically Sourced & Natural Wonders:

  • This unique collection showcases the pelvis bones of a Wild Boar (10 inches), a Raccoon (4 inches), and a Flying Squirrel (7/8 inches), all ethically sourced and responsibly processed.
  • Each bone offers a glimpse into the remarkable diversity and adaptability of the animal kingdom.

A Stunning Showcase:

  • The Flying Squirrel pelvis is presented in a sleek Black Diamond Shape Display 3D Floating Frame, it appear suspended in mid-air, creating a visually stunning and modern conversation piece.

More than just a display, this collection is a celebration of:

  • Nature's intricate design: Appreciating the unique anatomical features of each creature.
  • Sustainable practices: Utilizing ethically sourced materials and minimizing waste.
  • Biodiversity awareness: Highlighting the importance of protecting a wide variety of animal species.

A unique focal point for any nature enthusiast's home.

Pelvis Set (3) Wild Boar Racoon & Flying Squirrel

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