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The heart of our business

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These two characters are responsible for salvaging the material used at Bone Boutique. They coordinate donations for pick-ups and drop-offs. The procurement team assures that all our specimens are ethically obtained. They'll spend time researching and finding quality items within the area.

Left: Phillip returns from the river with "food for thought".  Right: Michele has loaded up her bin with snake skeletons ready for soaking.  

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Beautiful Bones
Harbor Style Magazine
November 2020

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  • Sustainability: We are committed to using sustainable materials and practices, using only bones that have been ethically sourced and responsibly processed. We care about the environment and the animals that our products are made from.

  • Ethics: We uphold high ethical standards. We know where and whom we are receiving donations from. We should be respectful of the animals.

  • Artisanship: We take great pride in our craftsmanship, only using high-quality materials and techniques to create our products. We are committed to creating beautiful and meaningful pieces of art.

  • Uniqueness: Bone Boutique products are unique and one-of-a-kind. Each piece is made from a different bone, and each bone has its own unique story. We create products that are special and memorable.

  • Connection to nature: Our products connect people to the natural world. The bones that we use come from animals that once lived in the wild or on a farm or was someone's pet, etc. We are committed to helping people appreciate the beauty and importance of nature.

About Bone Boutique

We are a husband-and-wife team who believe that every animal has a story to tell. We are committed to honoring those stories through our art, and we are passionate about giving these animals a second chance at life, even in death.

We specialize in creating fine bone jewelry and sculptures, and we use only ethically sourced materials. We salvage specimens from our area roads, as well as receiving donations from farms, hunters, and community members. We responsibly process all of our materials, which ensures the highest quality and sanitization.

We believe that by up-cycling natural materials into one-of-a-kind and sustainable treasures, we can educate the community about osteology and inspire creative minds. We are also committed to environmental reclamation, and believe that by relying on the yields of what the environment leaves us, we can connect with the Earth in a deeper way.

We hope that you will visit our website and learn more about our work.


Photo by Steven Donaldson

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