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About the Moores

Art therapy can be defined in different ways for so many of us. For Phillip and I, it began as a scheduled time once a week, to get out of the house. Little did we expect to find salvation, our art therapy, at the North Port Art Center. It started with a class, and evolved into a greater sense of ourselves and our own art therapy. It is our goal to help others find their art therapy as well.  We enjoy the company of our fellow members there and always have a sense of pride to be a part of the North Port Art Center. Now that we’ve been painting for a year, I can reflect where Phillip and I are now, compared to when we started. We wish to share with everyone our therapy, our good feelings, our positivity, and our love for art. We could not have this passion and gift without the support and encouragement of so many of YOU. Thank you so very much for EVERYTHING and Phillip and I hope that you enjoy our “Images of Therapy”.

Michele Moore




Images of Therapy and the North Port Art Center bring to you "Art of War". This is a story about the healing power of art through the colorblind eyes of an Iraq War veteran coping with PSTD.

Click the link below to find out why Phillip's story is so important .

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