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Meet the Moores

We're Phillip and Michele, a married duo with a love for all things beautiful – even when they're a little rough around the edges. Our first love – and thriving business – is the Bone Boutique, where we craft exquisite jewelry and sculptures from ethically sourced animal bones.

But a few years ago, our creative canvas expanded. Stepping into the world of art wasn't just about a brush in hand, it was about unlocking a new kind of therapy. At the North Port Art Center, we discovered the healing power of art, a journey that began simply as a way to connect and unwind.

But oh, how the paints took hold! Each stroke on the canvas became a release, a way to navigate our emotions – Phillip's PTSD and my grief from losing my mother – in a way words couldn't. As we embraced new mediums and techniques, our artistic voices blossomed, fueled by the positive feedback we received.

This newfound passion sparked a mission: to share the transformative power of art with others. Images of Therapy was born, a project where our art becomes a bridge, inspiring others to embark on their own creative healing journeys.

We believe everyone has an artist within, waiting to be unleashed. With a splash of color and a dash of courage, we want to help you tap into your creative wellspring and discover the healing magic it holds.

Join us on our artistic adventure – follow Images of Therapy and let's turn our canvases into windows of well-being, together!

From bone-deep passion to colorful expression:



"The greatest thing about us Americans, is that we take care of each other, and are naturally inclined to help one another, where help is needed. "

~Sgt. Phillip S. Moore

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