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Art of War

By Sgt. Phillip S. Moore

​“Art of War” started as an 18 piece exhibit through the color-blind eyes of this eclectic war hero. Moments in time that were captured and shared, explaining through subtle wording and relentless color schemes defined what you were looking at. Despite his extreme color-blindness, Phillip has been courageous enough to just paint what he sees, not what he thinks the rest of us see. Painting this way is not only bold, but liberating from the confines of color theory.  

12 of these paintings were available for purchase in a 2022 calendar which raised over 20k to fund the Veterans Art Scholarship at the North Port Art Center.

6 of the 18 paintings were left only to be seen by those visited the exhibit in person. These would be the first 6 paintings/months of a new 2023 Calendar. With an additional 6 paintings added by Sgt. Phillip S. Moore, we had another great opportunity to raise additional funds with a final 12 "Art of War" paintings included in a 2023 Calendar. 

This series is now closed and no additional calendars will be printed. However, notecards, prints and Giclée are available for purchase below. Original paintings are not available for purchase.

Phillip is so grateful to have had the opportunity to share his story on so many platforms.  Read more below.


Notecards, prints and Giclée prints are available for purchase.

We offer the first 17. The last 5 will be loaded soon.