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The Garden Party Collection

The Garden Party Collection

Evil Eye Collection

Evil Eye Collection

Burmese Python Collection

Burmese Python Collection

Common Snapping Turtle Skull

Common Snapping Turtle Skull

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Featured Collection March 2023

The "Other Species" Collection

Your are invited to explore the "Other Species Collection". This is our feature collection for the month of March so we are having a Sale bone lovers. This collection contains rare specimens that were legally and ethically obtained but we don't see as often as the rest. Sales ends March 31st.


We celebrate this collection with 20% off the entire month. Use code: OTHER23 at check out.


Jewelry with depth and dimension in natural animal bones...

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Timeless elegance and unique designs in natural animal bone...


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Where do we get your bones from?

The number one question we are asked is "Where do the bones come from?"

The roadways are major contributors.  Animals that have been struck and killed on our local roads are randomly collected by my husband or myself. This is not for the faint of heart.  Community members will bring us specimens or send us the location of a deceased animal. Nature walks also prove to reveal where a small creature has been taken and left by a larger one. Harvesting from the land and waters includes hunting and fishing, in accordance with state laws. Local farmers and breeders have deceased animals which they contribute to the inventory.  All the donations allow for such wonderful price point. You pay for what we pay for. Stop supporting mass produced, poor quality jewelry and support handmade and sustainable. You are honoring nature with your purchase and you are supporting our dream. We love you for that. xo


Thank you for visiting our site. Feel free to send us more questions. 

Michele & Phillip Moore  

Michele Moore

The Resurrectionist 

"I don't know where I would be with out the bones. Every single one is so special."

About Us

We believe that by up-cycling natural material into one-of-a-kind and sustainable treasures, we can educate the community about osteology and inspire creative minds.


We salvage specimens from our area roads, as well as receiving donations from farms, hunters and community members. Processing in house provides the highest quality of preservation and sanitization.


Through environmental reclamation, we connect with the Earth by relying on the yields of what the environment leaves us.

We use the ancient language of the Aztec Empire to describe the collections of the amazing species of animals we bring back to life in our art.


Photo by Steven Donaldson

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Dianne Shehadeh, FL

"Michelle has an amazing collection of unique and interesting jewelry she makes from animal bones. She is a mobile boutique. You need to check this out! You will find a piece that you just have to have from her large selection. I love my new turtle bone earrings."

Katy Snow, FL

"I love the option and uniqueness of the bone pieces and jewelry. I absolutely love the ones I have. Michele is an amazing artist, a beautiful personality and has great customer service. She even delivered my items straight to my door! I highly recommend!!!!"

DeeDee Gozion, FL

"I love my jewelry from Bone Boutique!
Michele is a true artist. Her designs are fabulous works of art and always evolving. I am always excited to find something new each time I visit her store!"
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