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From Rescue to Relic: How Amber the Pitbull Reshaped Our Artistic Journey

The whispers of the wild weave their magic throughout every piece at Bone Boutique. We transform ethically sourced bones into art that connects us to nature's beauty and resilience. But sometimes, the most profound inspiration comes from unexpected places. In Amber's case, it came with wagging tail and a heart full of love.

Amber's Story:

Early in 2023, a longtime collector approached us with a unique request. He entrusted us with the remains of a Pitbull with no name, a dog destined for a landfill. The circumstances surrounding her surrender were shrouded in mystery, but one thing was clear – this baby deserved a dignified and beautiful farewell.

Phillip, my husband and the co-owner of Bone Boutique, knew instantly that she was special. He christened her with the name Amber, for her stunning, soft coat and he prioritized her transformation. As Phillip meticulously curated and re-articulated her remains, her story resonated with everyone who encountered her.

Working with Amber was a transformative experience. Tears turned to laughter as Phillip breathed new life into her form. It was a poignant reminder that even in their passing, animals continue to touch our lives and inspire creativity.

Amber's journey transcended the walls of our studio. Our display partner, Halligan Design Production, generously crafted a stunning pedestal using Cuban mahogany salvaged from Hurricane Ian. This powerful symbol of resilience became the perfect platform for Amber's final form.

Amber's story doesn't end there. She was proudly displayed alongside other magnificent artworks at the Englewood Art Center, Ringling College. Witnessing the admiration she received, solidified the profound impact she had on our artistic vision.

Today, Amber resides in a place of honor - the centerpiece of a lifelong collection of "magical things" owned by her dedicated guardian.

Amber's influence continues to shape our work at Bone Boutique. She serves as a constant reminder of the profound connection we share with ALL the animals we work with, and the responsibility we hold to honor their legacy through art.

We invite you to explore the ethical sourcing practices outlined on our website. Perhaps you, too, have a beloved pet whose story deserves to be told. Share their tale in the comments below – we'd love to hear from you!

Halligan Design Production Team with Phillip & Amber

Marshall the Blue Heeler with Amber before her base.

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