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Hark! From the primordial depths emerges the Short Leg BoneBug, a creature of contradictions and chitinous charm. Its stubby legs, a mismatch of Crevalle Jackfish ribs, propel it with a comical wobble, while its long, sweeping back legs propel it through the earth like a subterranean swimmer. But don't be fooled by its clumsy gait. This pint-sized excavator is a master of the underworld, its Tegu skull head a fearsome mask, and its single alligator tooth a razor-sharp stinger that speaks of buried secrets and forgotten battles.


Beneath its segmented abdomen, three bioluminescent tendrils writhe like wispy whispers, sensing vibrations like an earthbound antenna. In the inky blackness, these glowing tendrils become maps, guiding the BoneBug through hidden chambers and shimmering caverns. Some say these tendrils can even detect the emotions of other creatures, their luminescence pulsing with fear or fury. Own a Short Leg BoneBug, and you'll own a piece of the earth's forgotten magic, a quirky companion with a story etched in every bone.



Crevalle Jackfish

Florida Everglades Burmese Python

American Alligator

Black Vulter 

Tego Lizard


5" long by 2 inches high


This exact sculptures is what you will recieve. There is only one!

Short Leg BoneBug

SKU: 11094
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  • Made from natural animal bones which tend to discolor with time.  Bones will patina due the manner in which displayed and handling. 

    Keep in mind that all items are one of a kind and we are limited to what is provided to us by nature. Environmental Reclamation. 

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