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You asked for it and we are making it happen! 1 oz of Real Florida Burmese Python ribs. You will receive what is photographed. The Burmese pythons that we work with are donated by certified hunters from the Florida Everglades. They are hand caught and hand cleaned. They are curated and cleaned by Bone Boutique to present you with bright white Florida Burmese Python Bones. That is RIGHT! We macerate and curate the carcass. They are an invasive species here in Florida and we partner to conserve. This unique conservation concept has evolved from one based on protecting ecosystems and wildlife to one that recognizes sustainable uses as an integral component to preservation. Products made from the Florida Burmese python define a conservation effort which helps protect the Florida Everglades ecosystem and the animals that live there. Help save The Florida Everglades with your purchase to bring awareness to the ever growing invasive species problem in all realms. Stop supporting mass produced, poor quality jewelry and support handcrafted, small businesses like Bone Boutique.

Florida Burmese Python Bag of Ribs Large (clean) 1 oz. Bag

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  • Sold as is. No returns.

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